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Andrew Adler BEc. (Uni Syd), MCom. (Uni Syd/Uni Texas, Austin USA) – Principal

Andrew has a strong background in Financial Services over many years. Having worked in both Managerial and client-facing roles, for both large and small organisations in Australia, he is well placed to draw on a variety of industry knowledge to deliver quality advice and solutions to both retail and business customers.

With a career in Financial Services that commenced in Sydney, Australia in 1995, after attending the University of Sydney, Andrew gained excellent training and experience in Retail Financial Advice, Group Insurance, Superannuation, Portfolio Management, Margin Lending, Property Lending, Structured Equities, New Share Floats, Syndicated Commercial Property and Vehicle Finance for companies such as Macquarie Bank, and other large Australian Corporates, before starting and growing Pelican Private Wealth from 2006.
PPWM now has clients throughout South East Queensland, Australia, and Andrew has gained an excellent knowledge of the financial needs of Queensland customers in a wide range of financial needs, including Home Loan and property lending advice, comparison and implementation, Family and Individual Insurance needs, calculations, quotes and advice, and Superannuation planning, forecasting, measurement and monitoring.

As an experienced planner, Andrew truly believes in the value of the service he delivers to Queensland customers, and after having real life experiences of saving customers thousands of dollars in cash flow, as well as having the satisfaction of helping customers claim thousands of dollars in insurance when they are unable to work, he has been able to grow with his clients, putting preparations in place for the future whilst witnessing the results.

Andrew is passionate about helping people, he has a high regard for honesty, ethics and hard work. He has always had a penchant for analysis, mathematics and financial markets since a child, and early adulthood, when he completed University Degrees in Economics and Finance.

After completing a Bachelor of Economics in 1993 from the University of Sydney, Andrew furthered his education by completing a Masters Degree in Commerce majoring in Finance in 2000, also from the University of Sydney, during which he realised a childhood dream to attend University in the United States of America, attending the MBA School at the University of Texas in Austin. There he was taught by the Portfolio Manager of the multi-billion dollar US Texas Teachers Fund, who was also the Head of the Austin Portfolio Analysts Society. It was there that Andrew also had the pleasure of meeting Rob Mactier from the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, at that time a member of Alan Greenspan’s interest rate voting committee.

Now Andrew continues to assist others obtain control over their finances, whether that be safeguarding their familys’ future, saving thousands in cash flow, develop a plan for retirement, make use of Government tax incentives, advise on salary packaging, and advise Queensland small businesses on their superannuation obligations. Andrew also enjoys administering his passion for new strategies and products and services, looking at the best ways for investors to safeguard their risk, and comparing Australia’s products with international standards.

Andrew is an Australian Authorised Financial Planner, and currently holds an Authorisation to provide personal Financial Advice. At Pelican Private Wealth, we aim to have prompt service, excellent knowledge within the technical framework applicable, thoroughness in application and followthrough and years of expert industry knowledge to compete effectively within the advice and planning industry space to small businesses and individuals.